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Abstain for Mayor

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Although Republican-endorsed candidate Richard Bailey is running unopposed for the nonpartisan office of Mayor in Coronado, it is important for residents to understand they still have a choice. You are under no obligation to mark the box for Mayor on the ballot. Voting is a constitutional right, and it is your constitutional right to abstain from the mayoral vote. Yard signs are popping up all over town encouraging residents to "Abstain for Mayor," and this simply means don't mark the box next to Bailey's name for Mayor #BlankBoxBailey

If you would like an "Abstain for Mayor" yard sign, send an email to and we will try to get one for you pending availability. Send us a photo of your "Abstain for Mayor" yard sign and we will publish it here.

To learn why Bailey is running unopposed for Mayor, see related articles below:

CE News Editorial Board

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