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As we deal with the many people who complain and argue that their rights are somehow being violated by mask-wearing mandates, I am reminded of a story my late Grandmother, Dorothy Allen-Greenlee (CHS class of 1927) used to impart to me. My Grandmother lived most of her natural life of 93 years here in Coronado, and was married to a Naval Aviator, her high school sweetheart, and next door neighbor, LCDR A.W. Greenlee, KIA, 1944.

Grandma used to tell me of the spirit and unity of locals during WWII, and how in '41 and '42 when attacks, and/or invasion of the west coast by Japanese forces was a real possibility! She would tell of how blackouts at night were strictly enforced and ardently adhered to! She would also recount stories of how residents would sometimes be tasked, late at night, to drive to NAS North Island and line both sides of the runway with headlights on, to assist pilots returning from patrols, to land safely! There was no division or second guessing of the Government's intentions or judgement. Just patriotism and unity in the collective pursuit of victory against a dangerous enemy!

Well, in 2020, America faces an unseen enemy, COVID-19, a once-in-a-century threat to our nation! I see no reason therefore, despite the divisive rhetoric emanating almost daily from Washington, why we CANNOT somehow band together, as my Grandmother and her neighbors were able to do during the 1940's, and defeat this terrible virus that has divided and diminished us over the past 7 months!!! Make my Grandmother and our forefathers proud! Time to once again be America proud, America united, America strong!

Chris Nurding

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