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Endorsement: Alexia Palacios-Peters for School Board

Alexia Palacios-Peters is the only 2020 school board candidate in Coronado who did not seek a partisan endorsement.  Alexia is running a local nonpartisan grass roots campaign, with her kids and husband as her campaign team.  She dropped off a yard sign at my house herself with her kids in the car.  For me, this is what a run for a local school board should look like.  In order for Alexia to compete with the Republican endorsed candidates who will be receiving a tremendous windfall of partisan advertising including door hangers, mailers and robocalls (in a town predominately registered Republican), Alexia is going to need our help — please visit to donate to her campaign so we can get her on a level playing field with a mailer to spread the word.  The only way we can eliminate the partisan interference for nonpartisan offices in our town is to make sure we keep electing candidates like Alexia who run local nonpartisan campaigns.

Daron A. Case, Esq.

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