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Endorsement: Tim Rohan for City Council

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The current incarnation of City Council has voted unanimously on all major issues including the $25M+ sewage plant on the golf course, the $40M+ utility undergrounding master plan, the City's "diplomatic approach" to transborder sewage, etc.  There is only one candidate for City Council running now who offers a different perspective - one with a focus on the residents - i.e., what we often hear described as "residents first" - and that candidate is Tim Rohan.  With the current Council we have tourists and the hotels well represented, we have businesses well represented, and we have the developers well represented - but there is no clear and strong voice for the residents - Rohan will be that voice.  Rohan has vowed if elected to have a transparent and open line of communication with his constutuents throughout his tenure on Council.  In many respects a vote for any other candidate is a vote for the status quo, politics as usual, and more of the same, as it relates to most civic topics in Coronado.  Rohan offers a fresh perspective and a balance of priorities to Council with a focus on the residents that is absolutely critical we get on the dais.   Rohan is a long term local who did not seek a partisan endorsement and is running a clean, local nonpartisan campaign.  For the foregoing reasons, a vote for Tim Rohan is what we call a "no brainer" for residents.  

Daron A. Case, Esq.

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