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Three Big Reasons Point to Tim Rohan for City Council

Three Big Reasons Point to Tim Rohan for City Council

Common Sense: I first became aware of Tim Rohan’s interest in the city when he asked a simple question. Why were we reinvesting taxpayer money to market the city, which attracted increased tourist/ daytripper traffic, and not using funds raised to solve the multitude of problems the increased traffic caused citizens? I was impressed by his common sense and reminded of the days of Carol Cahill and Patti Schmidt at City Council, asking uncomfortable questions, and solving difficult problems on behalf of all Coronadans. It is time for that voice again.

Family Support: As a veteran, I believe family support is a force multiplier. Tim has an extraordinary spouse in Genevieve. It has been my pleasure to serve with Gen in Soroptimists, where she has been President, District III President, and is currently Membership Chair. She has also served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) , during which time she and Tim have assisted countless children in foster care. With Tim, Coronado is getting the whole “family package.”

Decisions Today Impact Tomorrow: Finally, Tim says it like it is. He is not a polished, smoothie politician. He is not biased towards any special interest. He is a self-made, hometown businessman who loves the town, educates himself on all the issues from the ground up, listens to everyone who has knowledge of the issues or might be impacted. He values transparency and understands the historical impact of decisions made by past city councils. He knows that today’s decisions create tomorrows legacy. Tim Rohan is the best choice for a better today AND tomorrow for all citizens of Coronado.


Col. Wendy McGuire, US Army(ret), CHS ‘73


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