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What is the "Real" Coronado?

Maybe it's too simple-minded, but it seems that the powers-that-be should decide if this is a community for the residents, or a tourist town run for the purpose of catering to them as the first priority.  All over this country are wonderful small towns that have no tourists and they do just fine as merely wonderful little towns, because the town's people are the concern. We act like the attracting features here are places like The Henry and the non local businesses.  I think it's our ocean and beaches, our friendly people, the sun, the peace, the general ambiance of small town life, and it's very safe. If tourists are seeking some grand resort quality, they have the Del. Otherwise, maybe our tourists would be completely happy having a nice casual dinner in the Day and Night, or at McP's? 

Why do we need all of the non-local establishments?  They're merely competition.  What if we had only 8 all local restaurants?  That's a small enough number to do well even during our low tourist season. Why did we even allow Orange Avenue to go to the highest bidder, rather than keeping it all local?  Why do we want to become another La Jolla?  Most importantly, why doesn't the City Council put the wishes of the residents ahead of outsiders (about everything)?  You can't say without the tourists Coronado would die.... there are too many small towns all across the U.S. that disprove that.  Coronado is dying BECAUSE of so many tourists.  We need to dump out most of city hall, and encourage those who've become so discouraged to even vote, leaving voting to those who see 92118 as some status symbol and will continue to care more about some self-validating stat than about making this town the real and warm community it used to be. Coronado has become an illusion that looks pretty in travel brochures and provides a bragging point for the elitists at their high school reunions and on social media. That's not the real Coronado.

Mary Elisabeth DuPont

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