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Duncan is Deceiving

Mayor Bailey and his campaign treasurer Brad Gerbel (both whom sit on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County that decides who gets the Republican endorsements in Coronado) are fighting for their political lives to justify their partisan interference, as there are movements gaining steam in Coronado to "Abstain for Mayor" and a "nonpartisan push"... of course Mayor Bailey would never have been elected to City Council in the first place were it not for his partisan tricks and interference.  Similarly, Councilman Marvin Heinze would never have been elected to City Council in 2018 were it not for the Bailey and Republican endorsements that allowed Heinze to edge out Council candidate Mary Sikes.  Now in 2020, Bailey and Gerbel are using the same tricks and partisan interference in an effort to get City Council candidate John Duncan elected.  

In an article released today, Council candidate John Duncan was asked about his Republican endorsement, and he downplayed the issue using a straw man logical fallacy to divert attention to the "Democratic Online Voter's Guide" (which may be viewed by visiting the website of the Democratic party)... Duncan said: "if you are a Republican, if you do not seek an endorsement, you will not be on a voter’s guide, but your Democrat opponents will be on a voter’s guide, even if they do not ask for the endorsement."  

The online petition to keep Coronado elections nonpartisan, and all the efforts of the current nonpartisan push in Coronado, are aimed specifically at eliminating "active partisan interference" in the form of Republican volunteers to door knock, door hangers, mailers and robocalls, etc.  When Duncan and other Republican candidates seek an endorsement from the Republican Party of San Diego County, what they are going after is not appearing on a voter guide on the website of the Republican Party of San Diego County... they are going after the tremendous windfall of free (to the candidates) partisan advertising including door hangers, mailers and robocalls, in a town (Coronado) that is predominately registered Republican... and that's exactly what the Republican endorsed candidates, including John Duncan, will receive.  To contrast, the San Diego County Democratic Party does not engage in "active partisan interference" in Coronado... in order to discover which Coronado candidates are registered Democrat and/or endorsed by the Democratic party, a Coronado resident would need to visit the Democratic party website and look at the "Democratic Online Voter Guide" that Duncan references... that is "passive interference".... i.e., it requires residents to visit the website and look themselves.  

Don't let Bailey, Gerbel or Duncan deceive you into believing there is no difference between seeking and refusing a partisan endorsement, and between "passive" and "active" partisan interference into our town's electoral process for what the California Constitution defines as "Nonpartisan Offices" of City Council, Mayor and School Board in Coronado. 

Please sign the petition to keep Coronado elections nonpartisan:  

Daron A. Case, Esq.

Resident letters submitted to Coronado Electorate News & Commentary (CEN&C) are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CEN&C. Submit letters to

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