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Fact or Fiction - Hit Squad Edition

by Daron A. Case, Esq.

Even though I am no longer posting political content to social media and have left all community Facebook groups, the mayor's hit squad and staunch supporters are still very active on social media in their ongoing efforts to discredit to whatever extent possible the Coronado Electorate Facebook group (CE), its administrator (i.e., me), its members, its related Facebook page, and any pieces published at CE News & Commentary, because CE has been deemed public enemy #1 by the mayor and his hit squad.  

Just as the City Manager of Coronado created a Fact or Fiction page on the City's website to address "rumors and questions," this page entitled Fact or Fiction - Hit Squad Edition will be updated periodically to address and clarify rumors, misconceptions, and defamatory attacks launched by the mayor and his staunch supporters.  Check back often for updates, and send your screen shots of hit squad attacks to so we may address and clarify with transparency their propaganda, rumors, misconceptions and defamatory attacks.  Below are just a few hit squad comments on social media during the last few weeks that were sent to me by residents.  


HIT SQUAD in reference to Daron Case:  "This was written by a guy who wants to be mayor of Coronado himself, so of course he's going to bash anyone else that would oppose him or stand in his way."   


✔️ FALSE.  Rather than address the merits of what I have written, the default position of the hit squad is to launch ad hominem attacks against me personally, in an effort to question my character, credibility, and motives.  I have publicly stated many times, and I repeat again here:  I have no intent to run for political office - I am not a politician, I am a citizen activist. 


HIT SQUAD in reference to The People vs Goliath:  How Coronado Fell Prey to Partisan Politics and How We Can Take Back Control:  "This is just the latest unhinged rant put out on a silly page run by the writer. It's not a 'piece' or an 'article" - it's a bunch of nonsense.


✔️ Again, the hit squad does not address the merits of my letter, but instead bashes the character and credibility of me and CE.  People vs Goliath is a well researched resident letter with sources cited throughout and hyperlinks to the sources of information... the Executive Director of the Republican Party of SD County was also quoted.  If there is any inaccurate information in the letter, the hit squad is free to correct any misinformation, however as the facts presented in the letter are well documented and sourced with hyperlinks, the hit squad is left with no other option than to attack the character, credibility and motives of the author (i.e., me) and attempt to discredit the site where published (i.e., CE News & Commentary).    


HIT SQUAD -- the mayor's campaign treasurer recently said:  "Those people from Coronado Electorate are awful.


✔️ While I no longer actively moderate the CE Facebook group, "those people" from CE are comprised of over 1,300 vetted residents of Coronado, a majority of City Council, a majority of CUSD School Board, chairs of our City's commissions, boards and committees, members of our town's local civic groups, parents of students at CUSD, and long term local residents... CE is a well represented cross section of our community, and CE can obtain cross sectional data from its flash opinion polls, etc.  However, as the mayor, facing tough questions from residents, voluntarily left CE in 2018, and his campaign treasurer was removed from the group because he became uncivil on multiple occasions, the mayor, his campaign treasurer, and the hit squad have led an ongoing multi-year character assassination against CE, its administrator (i.e., me), and its members.  


HIT SQUAD in reference to CE:  "They might as well just change the name to Coronado libs.


✔️ Staunch right wing supporters of Coronado's Republican endorsed mayor will attack CE as being "liberal," however that is FALSE.  CE is a nonpartisan group, and as such it is opposed to the active partisan interference into our town's electoral process for nonpartisan offices.  As the mayor only exists in Coronado politics because of his partisan tricks and interference, it is natural that the mayor and his hit squad would staunchly oppose CE which routinely exposes the mayor's partisan tactics.   As the admin for CE since its inception, I am a registered Libertarian, so I personally do not subscribe to our two party system.  Like Republicans, Libertarians are fiscally conservative.  


HIT SQUAD in reference to Daron Case:  "You are no gentleman.  Nor do you make for any role model of taking the high road which is what true character is.


✔️ While I respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree with this assessment of my character, I do admit that I am not a role model for the hit squad, as my values are fundamentally opposed to theirs, and I am vehemently opposed to the partisan interference and infusion into our town which I believe has led to community division to an extent never before seen in Coronado.  That being said, I have 3 children, and I strive to be a role model for them... my wife and I have modified our schedules and lives to be available to home school our kids during the pandemic, and my family is my top priority.   While I frankly don't care whether the hit squad thinks I am a gentleman or role model, I do believe it is unconscionable for the hit squad to publicly assassinate my character in such a way in our community social media groups where I have friends, family, neighbors, teachers for my children, etc.  For this and many other reasons, I am no longer actively moderating CE, I have personally left all local Facebook community groups, and am no longer posting political content to social media.  


Resident letters submitted to Coronado Electorate News & Commentary (CEN&C) are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CEN&C. Submit letters to

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