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Trick or Treat from the Hit Squad

The efforts of the mayor's hit squad are well documented with mountains of evidence, including full fledged smear campaigns, smear videos, countless social media smears, hit piece editorials, and defamatory rants, etc.   Nonetheless, there are surprisingly still residents who perhaps have never heard about this ugly underbelly of our local political landscape, and will deny such a hit squad exists.  The "hit squad" by definition are staunch supporters of the mayor who assassinate the character and credibility of any citizen, candidate, or potential candidate deemed to pose a perceived threat to the mayor's agenda or future political aspirations.  The ironic twist, is that when staunch supporters of the mayor deny the hit squad exists, they are inadvertently identifying themselves as members of the hit squad, as they are staunch supporters of the mayor who are attacking the character and credibility of victims of the hit squad by claiming they are lying that the hit squad exists, because public exposure of the hit squad poses a perceived threat to the mayor's future political aspirations.  Any conscientious resident who becomes aware we have a mayor with a hit squad should join in calling for the mayor's resignation or recall.  

Last month, a resident who questioned the mayor about Tijuana sewage on his official mayoral Facebook page had her character quickly assassinated by the hit squad, and the mayor and his campaign treasurer "liked" the personal attacks against the resident.  The resident whose character was attacked was thereafter subject to a string of multiple felony vandalism attacks on her home during the next several nights, with potted plants thrown thru plate glass windows, which left the resident terrified, and resulted in a tremendous chilling effect on the First Amendment in the town, with many residents scared to post political yard signs and/or comment on political topics on social media, etc.  

Shortly after these heinous felony vandalism attacks, another prominent resident (who ran for City Council in 2018) posted to Coronado's largest Facebook group (Coronado Happenings) that it would be terrible if there were any connection between the social media smears and felony vandalism attacks against the same resident, but regardless, she explained, many people in the town are scared... and, for posting this message, her character was quickly assassinated not only by the hit squad, but by the mayor himself, who sent a series of private messages to the resident over multiple days in an effort to shame her for implying there may be any connection between the social media smears and felony vandalism attacks.  The phrase "thou doth protest too much" comes to mind.  The resident personally harassed by the mayor has thereafter not relented, and has continued her public opposition of the mayor, encouraging Coronado voters to "Abstain for Mayor" in the upcoming November election, in which the mayor is running unopposed for re-election.

Just two nights ago, the resident who was personally harassed by the mayor had her home vandalized, with eggs thrown at her residence.  Her home was the only one on her block vandalized, and as far as we know, the only home in town that was "egged" that night.  Many supporters of the mayor do not want to believe there could be any connection between the social media smears and vandalism against the same residents, and they are quick to point out the vandalism could have been caused by "mischievous kids," perhaps as a "Halloween prank."  So, this begs the question:  what are the odds that the two residents who have been perhaps the most vocal in opposition of the mayor on social media, would have their homes vandalized shortly after hostile social media interactions with the mayor and his hit squad?  When I first thought about this question, I didn't think it was possible to calculate such a probability, but upon further consideration, I now believe there is a way to very conservatively calculate the odds.  

There are approximately 8,500 residences in Coronado.  Many of them, however, are condominium units, such as the Shores, where such units could not be as easily accessible to vandalize.  There are approximately 1,500 units in the Shores, so if we remove those from our calculation, that leaves 7,000 residences... however, many of these remaining residences are also probably condos or otherwise inaccessible for vandalism... so let's remove another 1,000 homes from our calculation.  So, let's say if this were a strictly random act of vandalism, the odds that the first resident would have potted plants thrown thru her plate glass windows are 1 in 6,000.  I will not calculate the odds that such an act of vandalism occurred within hours of a hostile social media interaction with the mayor and his hit squad, as we have no way to calculate such odds... so, let's just keep it simple and say 1 in 6,000.  

However, we now have another vandalism event to add to our calculation... the second resident had her home "egged" following hostile interactions with the mayor and his hit squad.  If we apply the same 1 in 6,000 odds, then we must now multiply the first 1 in 6,000 event probability by the second 1 in 6,000 event probability... that's 6,000 x 6,000... the odds that both of these vandalism events were totally random are therefore 1 in 36 million... and that is a very conservative figure as we are not including other variables such as the hostile interactions on social media, and the close proximity in time between the social media smears and the vandalism attacks.   

In conclusion, the mayor and his staunch supporters will have you believe there is no connection whatsoever between the social media smears and the vandalism attacks against the same residents... in other words, they would like you to believe the 1 in 36 million odds that these vandalism attacks were totally random events... mischievous kids... Halloween pranks (a month or two before Halloween).  In addition, the mayor and his hit squad will be quick to assassinate the character of anyone who dares to publicly suggest there may be a connection between the social media smears and vandalism attacks against the same residents.  Now, to be perfectly clear... I am not saying there is a connection or not... I am merely attempting to calculate the probabilities.. and it would seem the more likely scenario, is that these were "targeted attacks," as CPD believes, and that the residents were targeted for a very specific reason... i.e., for their public opposition to the mayor.   


Daron A. Case, Esq.


Resident letters submitted to Coronado Electorate News & Commentary (CEN&C) are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CEN&C. Submit letters to

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