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Wrench in the Machine

If you are on the list of financial donors to Mayor Bailey's 2020 re-election campaign, this piece was written with you in mind.  

Richard Bailey does not act alone — he is a component of a political machine — a  machine with several parts: the use of partisanship, a "hit squad" to assassinate the character and credibility of any resident who poses a perceived threat to his political machine, top of the line branding and advertising, the support of high level and wealthy people & outside interests, and the financial support from his donors — any one of these parts if removed could crumble the machine.  It is important for Bailey's financial contributors, particularly those who donated to Bailey's 2020 re-election campaign not because they think he is the best for Coronado, but for what they believe they can get from him in exchange for their financial support, to understand their essential role in the Bailey Machine.  

You see, if you donated to Bailey's 2020 re-election campaign, you are supporting with your own dollars the unprecedented partisan interference and division that the Bailey Machine brings to our town, as well as the hit squad's efforts to smear and assassinate the character of Coronado residents, including me.  I'd like to repeat this because it is very important — by donating your money to Bailey, you are financially supporting smear campaigns and multi-year ongoing character assassinations against me, personally —  just FYI.  You cannot distinguish your financial support for Bailey's re-election from a support for all elements of the Bailey Machine that come with it, including the hit squad.  By donating to Bailey, you are financially supporting the Bailey Machine and all of its related components.

It is also important to note in this context, that if you donated to Bailey's 2020 re-election campaign, you did not financially support his 2020 re-election, as Bailey is running unopposed for mayor.  Campaign finance regulations allow a candidate to use "leftover campaign funds" for a future election, including for a different office.  Therefore, donors for Bailey's 2020 re-election campaign have actually donated to Bailey's future campaign for next level office outside of Coronado in 2022 and/or 2024.  

It has come to my attention that a substantial percentage of Bailey financial supporters, for many reasons including those referenced above, have changed their minds regarding their support for Bailey.  If you fall in this category, please note you still have a choice... you can email Bailey at and request a refund of your donation.  While Bailey is under no legal obligation to refund your donation, Bailey has tens of thousands of dollars of "leftover campaign funds," so he has no moral excuse not to refund your donation, as he does not need it for his 2020 re-election, which is what you reasonably believed you were donating toward.  As the list of donors is public and I can see who you all are, if you wish you may blind cc me (at on your email to Bailey requesting your refund, so I know that you do not support the smear campaigns and character assassinations against me that have adversely affected my family.  I will not share nor publicize your email requesting a refund (unless you specifically request I do), but I will at least know that you have a good moral compass and you are a friend.  For all others who financially supported Bailey's 2020 re-election, understand exactly what the Bailey Machine entails, and do not request a refund, I shall reserve comment at this time.

In conclusion, if you donated to Bailey's 2020 re-election campaign, you have a choice — you can be the oil in the machine to advance its continued smooth operation, or you can request a refund and be a wrench in the machine.  The choice is yours. 

Daron A. Case, Esq.


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